Reasons I’m Relieved I’m Not Going Back to College

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having an amazing week! Now that it’s the middle of August (how did that happen???) I figured I would do a back to school post and talk a little bit about college. It’s that time of the year when people start heading back and after spending my whole life in school and having an amazing time in college I can’t help but feel nostalgic and a little bit sad about the fact that I’m not going back. I made so many memories in college that I will always hold so close to my heart. The beginning of the school year was always so much fun. It was definitely the best four years of my life but that time has come to an end and in a way I’m glad. It’s bittersweet for me but I think everything ends when it should, college included. To make myself feel better and a little less left out I decided to reflect and make a list of all the reasons I’m relieved I’m not going back to school:

1.) Move in Day: Moving in and out of a dorm or apartment four years in a row was a lot of work. The day of my graduation I was moving everything into my car thinking “I’m so glad I don’t have to do this again”. Fitting so much stuff into tiny spaces was always difficult and for an organized person such as myself I always hated having my room in shambles while getting readjusted to school life. Not to mention it was always 10,000 degrees outside on move in day.

2.) Buying a Parking Pass: This doesn’t apply to everyone because some lucky students don’t need to purchase parking passes but at my school you did and they were expensive! The parking at my school was horrendous and to know you were dishing out hundreds of dollars to pay for crappy parking was never fun. Plus the people who worked in the parking deck were actually the rudest people ever :/ and if you parked where you weren’t supposed to you were most definitely getting a ticket.

3.) Buying Books: I will never understand why textbooks are so expensive. To be honest when it came to textbooks I really did the bare minimum. I never bought them until I was weeks into the semester and absolutely sure I needed them. There are a lot of professors who like to say you “need” a book when in actuality you don’t. If you have the joy of divorced parents who don’t get along (such as this lucky lady) you get awkward arguments about who is paying for your books. My dad paid for my books luckily the first two or three years and then I took over. The good news is that there are so many amazing textbook websites where you can get books for super cheap. If you want to know more just comment below and let me know 🙂

4.) Homework: I can honestly say besides the money, no homework is the best part about working. No studying for hours upon hours and no doing tedious assignments which you have to balance for several different classes simultaneously.

5.) Awkward encounters with roommates: We’ve all had a weird roommate or two. I actually had major roommate issues my freshman year. I was assigned 6 roommates and only two actually stuck. The first four all either changed their minds, switched buildings or transferred. My roommate first semester ended up transferring to a different school and then I got my roommate Maura who was my roommate for the rest of college. We get along so well and we’re basically the same person so it worked out great. I also had two other roommates my junior year in our apartment who both ended up switching apartments and then we roomed with two friends which was really nice. The majority of my roommates were always randoms even Maura and it’s always awkward no matter what in the beginning. Living with a total stranger you know nothing about is such a strange experience especially when you’re in a little room. I will never miss that awkward feeling of living with a stranger even if that stranger becomes one of your best friends eventually.

6.) Weight Gain: I gained about 16 pounds in college. I was very fit when I went in but I gained 9 pounds freshman year, 2 pounds sophomore year and 5 pounds junior year. Granted my body was also changing and I’ll never be my 18 year old weight again (nor would I want to be) but my eating habits were so bad. Eating half price apps and sangria after 10 at Applebee’s, eating diner food at 2 or 3am, drinking too often and frequenting the fast food place, down the street from campus were all a great combination for weight gain. There were nights I stayed out all night and didn’t wake up until 12 the next day. I would get up and head down to the dining hall connected to my building. They always had chicken fried steak on Friday afternoons for lunch so that’s what I would have for breakfast. Yes, I used to eat chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for breakfast at 12pm. It was a proud moment. I definitely won’t miss feeling sluggish, unhealthy and uncomfortable. I still want to become a healthier person and there is a lot of work to be done but being home makes it a lot easier.

7.) Adjusting to College Life: Being away at school is like being in a different world. And you have to kind of adjust to that world every time you go back. No parents, doing things for yourself, being independent, balancing fun with school and work. It’s hard! I won’t miss struggling to keep my life together while it was always kind of falling apart.

8.) Being Broke: I was so broke throughout college. Probably more broke than people thought I was. I’ve always been responsible for paying for the large majority of my things. My student loans are falling on my shoulders, I bought my own car and I paid for my groceries throughout school when I didn’t have a meal plan the last two years. It was honestly really difficult to find the money I needed, to do the things I wanted to do. My expenses were always more than what I was making and every time I tried to switch jobs or make money it seemed like a failed attempt. Ever since I started working I haven’t had to use the expression “I can’t I’m  broke”. And that feels pretty great.

my move in day September 2012

I hope this was relatable for some of you and I hope you like the gem of a picture above! I really did love college and if you’re in college right now I hope this list didn’t deter you from loving it. It’s such a special time in your life and you grow so much as a person. If you aren’t going back to school like me comment below and let me know what you’re relieved about not having to do this year. As always thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

-XO Amber

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