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Hello Everyone

I hope you’re all enjoying the last few days of August because I know I am. Yesterday, I spent my day on a boat and the beach collecting snails and soaking up the sun. Today, I’m headed up to my old college town for dinner and a walk around the town. This is normally the time of year when I would be preparing to go back so I figured it was the perfect time to head back up there and reminisce. I try to enjoy every day and not put too much of my focus on the weekends but they really are important and they’re a great break in the week. I try to split my weekends between having fun, getting important things done and relaxing. The weekend is the perfect time to reflect on your goals and to refocus your energy for the week ahead. I love catching up on my favorite bloggers and YouTubers on the weekends and today I wanted to talk a little bit about some of my inspirations when it comes to blogging and life in general. I’ve been inspired by a lot of people and I can honestly say there are some bloggers and YouTubers who have made a huge impact on my life. It’s such a blessing that in this day and age we’re connected by the Internet. We can see how other people live their lives and it can inspire us to change or improve our own when normally, without technology, we wouldn’t have even know they existed. There are different things that inspire me about each one of these ladies and although they’re all different I’m thankful to have found their blogs and channels so I thought I would share!


1.) Mimi Ikonn: Mimi is the owner of Luxy Hair extensions, a blogger and a YouTuber. If you need travel inspiration, want to start eating healthier and being more active, or if you want to adopt a more positive mindset, she’s your girl. She inspires me to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. She lives a life that is unconventional to most but she has truly created her life and I really admire her for that. Her and her husband moved to Europe from Canada and they travel all over the world and make beautiful videos. She’s real, she’s authentic and she’s been through stuff in her life but that doesn’t stop her from making the most of every day and keeping a positive mindset. A lot of her ideals are very similar to mine when it comes to things like vision boards and writing your goals down in order to make them a reality. She makes me want to become a happier, nicer, healthier person and she makes me feel like my dreams are achievable.

Mimi’s YouTube Channel

Mimi’s Blog

2.) Sazan Hendrix: I found Sazan because I was doing some research on starting a blog and I found her BYOB (be your own boss) series on her YouTube channel. I believe she started her blog in college and really made it into a career after she graduated which I really admire. She took her blog which started out as something small, ran with it and truly made it into a business. She’s gorgeous and she’s a fashion blogger so she has amazing style. She’s bubbly and funny and she started her blog around the same age as I am now so it’s relatable for me. I have a tendency to be a bit quiet and reserved so she inspires me to be a little bit more outgoing and fun. Her blog is a still a main priority despite the fact that she now has a YouTube channel as well and she does amazing giveaways so check her out!

Sazan’s YouTube Channel

Sazan’s Blog

3.) Rachel Talbott: Rachel used to be in the skincare industry and then transitioned into YouTube. I love all of her DIY videos on organizing, cleaning, productivity, planning, healthy eating, skincare,beauty, etc. I’m very interested in making beauty products or cleaning products at home, the natural way and she makes a lot of videos on how to do that. I really enjoyed her homemade bath bombs video and I’ve been wanting to try making them ever since I watched it. Her videos have a very relaxed vibe to them so I like watching them in the morning while I get ready for work. She’s also an amazing singer and musician so she motivates me to accomplish one of my life goals which is to learn piano. I love the simplicity of her videos and posts. Everything feels very real and it doesn’t feel like she needs to make everything perfect just for her channel. It just feels like she is a regular girl making videos. Also, she has the best skin ever and gives a ton of tips on how she keeps it looking so good.

Rachel’s YouTube Channel

Rachel’s Blog

4.) Teni Panosian: I love Teni’s makeup videos. There are a lot of very similar makeup styles going on right now on YouTube and sometimes it feels like everyone is doing the same looks in the same way so it’s nice to see someone who does something a little different each video. Her makeup looks aren’t always super contoured or over the top and I feel like she really knows what she’s doing. She explains as she does it and the looks she does are just good old fashioned glam. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being over the top but for me it’s just not achievable so I like that I feel like I can take her tips and actually apply them. She also has olive skin like me so she uses colors and techniques that would work for me. I follow her on Snapchat as well so I get a peek into the travelling she does for work and she goes to some really cool events which I love seeing. The best thing about her is that she really appreciates the opportunities given to her and she makes it known frequently.

Teni’s YouTube Channel

Teni’s Blog

Teni’s Snapchat: tenipanosian

5.) Jessica Garvin: This one is a little bit random because this is the only person on the list who is solely a blogger and not on Youtube. She’s also a mom which I am not and not even close to being but she has been a HUGE blogging inspiration to me. She used to post pregnancy updates with a chalkboard on Pinterest and got really popular from that. My roommate was actually the one who had told me about her blog when I was a freshman in college and I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s creative and she has an eye for design so I love seeing what she’s into at the moment. She has three adorable daughters and the cutest family. The pictures she posts of her babies and her family make my heart melt just a little bit. She gives me allll the future family goals and she is responsible for the majority of my baby fever. She’s super creative and she’s very festive around the holidays just like I am so I just love everything she posts.

Jessica’s Blog

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you find these ladies as inspirational as I do! Leave your suggestions below as to who I should follow/watch next.

-XO Amber

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