5 Tips for a More Positive Mindset

It’s Monday and I’m here to give you your weekly dose of Monday Inspiration! Today I’m talking about mindset.

the cutest inspiration my mom got for me

Our minds are so hard to control but if you can gain some control over your thoughts you can literally change your life. I’m still so young but I’ve been through a lot and I can honestly say that changing my mindset has made me a healthy, happier person and has made me better able to face adversity. If you can put your mind in a place that is resilient, happy and free, you can make your reality all of those things as well. Here are my 5 tips for a more positive mindset:

1.) Self Love: It sounds corny and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but you have to think positively about yourself. Have confidence and know your worth. Let go of negative thoughts you have about yourself (and others for that matter). Realize that we’re all flawed in many ways and it doesn’t make you worth any less. Self doubt will torture you and it’s so not worth it. Get up every morning and be grateful for the beauty you’ve been blessed with. Just because you’re different from someone else does not mean you should love yourself any less.

2.) Believe: Believe that anything is possible because it is. We are floating on a massive planet in space and there is a gigantic star that helps keep us warm and grow food. We’ve invented TV’s, iPhones, and airplanes and we’ve cured diseases. Humans did that! Every thing that exists was once an idea so why not dream big? Why not believe you can do something amazing? You can.

3.) React Differently: Try not to feel sorry for yourself. Bad things happen to everyone and there is always someone who has it worse. What matters is not what happens to you but how you react to it. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. The only thing that matters is how many times you can get back up and say I’m stronger because of that. I really feel like this is the most important thing you can implement in your life and even though it’s hard, it will change your life.

4.) Good People: Surround yourself with good people. Toxic people will bring you on their downward spiral. It doesn’t matter if they’re family, close friends, a co-worker or an acquaintance. If being around someone is bringing you down try to slowly eliminate that person out of your life or reduce spending time with them. This is your life and you’re in control. Never feel obligated to be around someone just because you feel like you have to.

5.) Appreciate the journey: Know that where you are now doesn’t dictate where you’ll be. None of us have any idea where we’ll end up but it’s important to remember that the journey is just part of the process. This is something I personally struggle with so much. I’m always looking to be at the next stage of my life and I find it so frustrating to not know how I’ll get to where I want to be. Embrace your struggles, know that life isn’t perfect and enjoy the journey.

I hope this post gave you all some Monday inspiration and I want to say a big thank you to anyone who has followed, liked or commented on my blog. It truly makes my day! Comment below and let me know if you guys have any tips on achieving a healthier mindset. Also if you haven’t already be sure to follow my social media pages:

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-XO Amber

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