Casual Friday

Hey guys!

Today I wasn’t really in the mood to do any kind of deep, inspirational post. I thought I would keep things light and airy since it’s Friday and give you guys some random facts about me so you guys can get to know the girl behind this blog a bit better. Hope you all enjoy!

1.) I absolutely love Christmas. It is hands down the best time of the year and I have always been obsessed. I actually was Christmas two years ago for Halloween.


2.) I broke my left arm when I was 5 because I fell off the monkey bars. I ended up in a bright purple cast and my arm still isn’t completely straight.

3.) Mozzarella sticks are my favorite meal and I could eat them everyday as sad as that is.

image via

4.) Besides mozz sticks I also really, really love dessert and breakfast food. I can eat cupcakes for breakfast (and I have on many occasions). And I would eat french toast over dinner food any day.

5.) I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love doing exhilarating things. I’ve done a hot air balloon ride, I’ve cliff jumped, zip-lined in Mexico, swam in an underground river through caves and the list goes on. I also love roller coasters.


6.) I’m extremely empathetic the majority of the time toward other people and sometimes I literally feel like I can feel other people’s pain.

7.) I have an amazing natural sense of direction and I regularly test myself by not using my GPS when I get lost. I call it “my game” and let’s just say other people hate when I play it when they’re in the car  😉 It actually runs in my family and my dad is the same way.

8.) I come from a mostly female family. I have three sisters and almost no male cousins besides a few on my dad’s side. When my nephew was born we were all shocked because we were convinced we couldn’t make boys.

two of my sisters my nephew and me on the right

9.) I hate scary movies and I won’t watch them. I end up laying awake with my over-active imagination and freaking out for nights on end if I watch them. Sometimes even scary commercials are too much for me. I’m surprised I’ve gotten through seasons of American Horror Story and even that show I can’t watch alone.

10.) I have olive skin that tans extremely easily and I rarely get burnt. I get so many different assumptions about what I am like Portuguese, Syrian, Hispanic, etc but it’s actually just really strong southern Italian genes passed down from my grandfather. The rest of my bloodline is just Irish, French and Scottish.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun post and got to know a little bit more about me. Leave me a comment below and let me know something about you! I would love to hear it. Have an amazing Friday!

-XO Amber

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