Saying Goodbye

Yesterday I woke up to another rainy Fall day. It was one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything and you want to lounge in your PJs all day. I ended up staying in my night shirt all day under a blanket drinking hot chocolate.

I adore lazy Sundays

Sometimes life works out in the strangest of ways. I was home and so was my mom, who was supposed to be out running errands but decided to come back home to throw some vegetarian chili in the crock pot before heading out again. My younger sister was at work and my nephew wasn’t over like he usually is on Sundays. Suddenly, my cat Peaches who is 15 and very frail, collapsed to the floor. We wrapped him in a blanket and made him comfortable because we knew it was his time to go. He has been deteriorating for awhile and we knew this day was coming. Within two hours he had passed on and I was left with the vague, empty feeling that comes with losing a pet.

Although he wasn’t human he was definitely family and although I’m so saddened by this tragic event I feel lucky to have been there when he passed. The house was quiet and my mom and I made his experience the best we could. He lived a very happy 15 years and he’s in a better place now with no pain or suffering but it’s still so upsetting. I can’t believe he won’t be sleeping under the Christmas tree this year or trying to steal our food every night at dinner. He was such a good cat and for that I had to dedicate this blog post to him. Goodbye my sweet Peach. You were so loved.


If you have any tips for coping with pet loss please let me know. I hope you all have an amazing Monday and I hope you all hug your pets extra tight tonight.

-XO Amber


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