My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all enjoying 2017 so far. I just got back from an amazing trip to Madrid to visit one of my best friends who is currently living there. Although it was an amazing trip we had some nightmarish airport experiences, and I was sick for the majority of it. I am definitely so happy to be home and although I am definitely not looking forward to returning back to work on Monday after a two week hiatus, I am so thankful to be feeling healthy and motivated again.

NYE in Madrid

I’ve been in a bit of a rut the last two months and I’m finally feeling like myself again. I swear, working in a dark building is affecting my mood! Having a two week break where I actually saw sunlight was good for my soul. With this new found motivation I’ve come up with three solid resolutions for 2017. I have such a good feeling about this year!

  1. Stop giving an F: Yes, this really is my resolution. I am that person who cares wayyy too much. I care way too much about what people think and say about me. I easily feel insecure around people I’m not entirely comfortable with, and I hesitate sharing my true opinions on things. I let people get away with saying rude things without consequences and I don’t stick up for myself nearly enough. I feel guilty for things I shouldn’t and I allow people to make me feel bad for things when in reality I did nothing wrong. This year I will care less about all of these things and instead focus on things that really matter like getting involved in volunteer work and becoming the most authentic version of myself. I will no longer hide the person that I am to please others and I will respect myself enough to stand up for myself and for what I believe in.
  2. Get my finances in order: My 23rd birthday is in less than two months and I’ve been out of college for 7 months. I think it’s finally time for me to get my life together in the money department. This is an area of my life I have always struggled with and I want to focus on educating myself on how to properly use money to make more money. I also have debt I would like to pay off in this lifetime from school. Today I sat down and made a budget which is a first step I’m very proud of! My next steps will be to open up a retirement fund, create a savings account (I don’t have one; I KNOW I KNOW, so bad) and to start educating myself on building wealth. I’ve been using my Mint app again to create budgets and track my bills. I would highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.
  3. Work on my own projects: I am incredibly grateful for my job and the opportunities that have come my way because of it. However, in my heart I know that I am going to end up doing something creatively driven and I know I want to be my own boss. My dream is to have an amazing home office with exposed brick and a dog at my feet. I want big windows that let in sunlight and a job I feel passionate about. This year I want to focus on this blog as a creative outlet as well as other projects which will one day allow me to make money from home, on my own terms.

I love the feeling of a new year and a fresh start. I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my resolutions and I hope you’ll leave yours down below. I would love to hear them! Have an amazing weekend. XO

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