5 Paleo Recipes To Add To Your Holiday Menu

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year and ohhhh boy, the treats are flowin.

Myself and Matt (aka the Grinch)

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I absolutely LOVE treats so this time of year can be challenging for me. Making paleo recipes allows me to feel satisfied and feel like I’m treating myself, while still staying on track with my health and wellness goals. Below I’m sharing my 5 favorite paleo recipes which you can add to your holiday menu. All of these recipes would be great to serve to your guests, or to bring to a party. Enjoy!

Cranberry Turkey Poppers // These look so delicious and combine all the best food from the holidays. I love making poppers because they’re easy and delicious. Plus, there are so many different combinations you can make. These would be perfect to serve or bring as an appetizer and if you have leftovers they’re perfect to bring to work.

image via unboundwellness.com

Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes // I love spinach and artichoke anything so I was so excited to see this combination with potatoes (because who doesn’t love potatoes???). Staying dairy free means finding substitutes for creamy recipes that don’t taste like dirt and this one is a winner. I’m going to be bringing this dish to Christmas Eve at my cousin’s house and I think it’s going to be a hit.

image via paleorunningmomma.com

Brussel Sprouts // This recipe is my go-to during the week. Eating veggies is important to say the least and it becomes much, much easier to eat them when bacon gets thrown into the mix. I think this would make such a great side for any meal, especially during the holidays.

image via what2cook.net

Spinach and Artichoke Dip // This dip is DELICIOUS and can easily be made in a food processor. I made this recipe on Thanksgiving and my sister has asked me to make it every day since. The cashews really lend the texture that’s needed for a creamy dip while the marinated artichokes lend so much flavor. You would never guess that it doesn’t contain any dairy.

image via meaningfuleats.com

Magic Cookie Bars // Need I say more? Magic cookie bars always remind me of the holidays. Desserts like this one are so delicious but can make you feel weighed down and heavy. This is a great, healthier alternative to the conventional type. All the flavor, none of the tummy aches.

image via foodfaithfitness.com

I hope you’re all enjoying this magical time of the year with family and friends. If you happen to try one of these recipes please let me know down below. What are you bringing or serving this holiday season? I would love to know.

Happy Holidays!


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