Top Travel Sites for Cheap Trips

Traveling is something that always has been and always will be very important to me. So many people ask how I travel and afford to take so many trips. But traveling cheaply is now easier than ever with the internet.

When I went to college, I knew I was going to make traveling a priority but because I was on a tight budget, I had to find a way to make it work without breaking the bank. These are the top sites I’ve used for cheap trips. I hope some of you find these useful in planning your next getaway!

Skyscanner // This is an app I keep on my phone. It’s convenient and easy to use so I like browsing through flights whenever I have free time (like when I’m in the waiting room at the doctor or getting an oil change). My favorite thing about this one, is that it has a very simple layout and it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also excellent at finding some of the best flight deals!

Momondo // I used Momondo to book a flight to Spain and had a great experience. The site does redirect you to another site once you check out which can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the site it takes you to, but I still had a good experience. I ended up getting a flight for $500 a person for my sister and I from Newark to Madrid! A deal like that can’t be beat. I’ve found the best prices for international flights on this site.

Temple of Debod
Royal Palace of Madrid

Thrifty Traveler // I haven’t actually booked through this site but I’ve heard great things. It’s fun to scroll through and see all the random deals they have. This is a great site if you’re looking to book a random trip somewhere and the deals are out of this world!

Cheap Caribbean // I’ve used this site many times to book all inclusive trips and I’ve always had a positive experience. The site makes it really easy to bundle flight and hotel together. You can browse through honest reviews on resorts and pick the trip that’s right for you. You can even book transportation to and from the airport and excursions right on the site. I’ve found amazing deals and its great for finding spring break trips if you’re in college.

Cancun, Mexico
Me after ziplining into a cave in Mexico’s underground river system

Traveling is a priceless experience in my opinion and if it’s important to you, you can find ways to save up and find some great deals.

If you know of any great travel sites let me know down below!

Happy traveling!


How I Reduce my Travel Anxiety

Hi Guys!

I don’t think I’ve talked about it much on here yet but I unfortunately suffer from anxiety and have since childhood. Over the years I’ve gotten a pretty good hold over my everyday anxiety however, I still struggle a lot and I plan on doing a lot of posts in the future about how I cope. For today I wanted to focus on travel anxiety.

The world is so vast with so many things to see and so many people to meet. I knew it would be such a shame if my anxiety stopped me from travelling because it’s something I’m really passionate about. I am fortunate enough that I don’t have a fear of flying so airplanes are not the issue for me. However, the thought and feeling of being in a new place FREAKS me out.


I have always been an adventure seeker and once I went away to college I made it a goal to travel at least once a year. Since then, I’ve made traveling a priority and had some amazing experiences. No matter what I do or how much I prepare I always have some type of anxiety especially on the first day of a trip. I recently came back from my first European trip which was a huge step in the right direction for me and I experienced some pretty bad anxiety while I was there. I thought I would compile what I’ve learned over the years so that if any of you are suffering this can maybe help. Please keep in mind that there are varying degrees of anxiety and this is just what worked for me. I understand there are people out there who fear flying or people who can’t even take long car trips. No matter what your level of anxiety is, I hope that this helps you in some way.

  1. Be prepared. Do errands ahead of time so that you’re not rushing the day before you leave. Start a week before and figure out what you need. This leaves time to pick up anything you may remember to bring as the week progresses. I usually start packing two days beforehand so I would definitely recommend not leaving that until the last minute either. Set reminders to print boarding passes or check in and charge your phone the night before.
  2. Make lists and stay organized. Mentally walk yourself through the days you’ll be away and figure out what you’ll be using. I like to make a list with good, old-fashioned pen and paper. I separate my packing list into toiletries, hair products, makeup, electronics, miscellaneous,etc. I also write out a general idea of what I’ll be wearing each day. I check the items off of my list AFTER they go in my suitcase and never before, to ensure that it’s really in my suitcase. I also bring the list with me so I can go over it before I go back home so that I know I haven’t left anything
  3. Bring medicine if you need it. I’m not huge on taking anxiety medicines but sometimes it can be a helpful tool in getting you to calm down. There is a time and a place for taking these kinds of pills and I only take them if I’m having a serious meltdown. Your doctor can help you to better figure out what is right for you. You should also consider bringing ibuprofen and other meds in case you get sick. This is one mistake I made and I really regretted not bringing the medicine I needed.
  4. Find internet and contact family/friends. Once you get to a spot with Wifi, Facetime or message someone you love and trust. Knowing that they’re at home waiting for you will give you a sense of comfort. They can remind you home will still be there when you get back.
  5. Watch anti-anxiety videos or read articles on how to stop it. In Spain, at night, I would watch anti-anxiety, meditation videos. These helped me tremendously and allowed me to relax and calm my mind.
  6. Keep your routines as similar as you can. If you have a nighttime and morning routine try to follow it. This will help you to create a sense of home and give you some familiarity.
  7. Lastly, take deep breathes and now that it will pass 🙂

I wish you all a lifetime of worry free travels! Please comment down below and let me know if you have any tips or tricks on stopping travel anxiety.



A Weekend in Lake George


I hope you all had a nice Tuesday. I had a nice 3 day weekend in Lake George and it was so well deserved. Sometimes you just have to break out of your routine to stay sane. It was nice to get away from what’s familiar and explore a new area (even if I am covered in mosquito bites). My boyfriend’s family heads to Lake George once a year, every year to vacation and attend a family reunion but this was the first year I was able to make it. I made a last minute decision to take Friday off and get a head start on the trip. We woke up early Friday morning and began the 4 and a half hour drive.  We stopped a few times on the way but the drive really wasn’t that bad.

Road trip view.png

We got there around 2pm and let me just say, it looked like something out of a movie. We stayed in these little cottages in the middle of the woods about 30 minutes from Lake George near Lake Loon. (Imagine wood paneling and deer hoofs on the wall). I was definitely out of my element but sometimes that can be a good thing. Once my boyfriend’s family showed up and got settled we went on a hike around 5pm. I’ve hiked many, many times and I can honestly say this was the most difficult one I’ve ever done. I was so out of breath and at moments I really thought I was going to die but we pushed on. When we got to the top there were some pretty nice views and a huge, old wheel that used to operate a trolley system up to the top of the mountain in the 1800s.

View from the top-road

Matt and I.png


We all felt so accomplished and proud of ourselves until our dreams were crushed. It was around 7pm by this time and the plan was to have my boyfriend’s dad, who didn’t come on the hike, pick us up at the top so we didn’t have to hike back down. Well the park actually closed and he wasn’t able to get up the road to pick us up. We all felt so defeated and you could just feel the morale of the group drop. It was also going to get dark soon especially oven the cover of trees so we rushed back down the mountain and I really thought my toes were going to fall off. After some drinks and comfort food we were all so ready for bed. But not before we killed a gigantic spider in the shower 🙂

The next day we went to Split Rock Falls which is this really cool waterfall and cliff jumping spot. This was the third time I’ve done cliff jumping and I decided to only jump once because my body was extremely sore from hiking the day before. The arches of my feet have never hurt so bad. The waterfalls were beautiful and there was a nice rocky island in the middle of the water where we set up chairs and our coolers. The water was sooooo cold but I braved it after some coaxing from my boyfriend.

pep talk.png
coaxing in action


It was the perfect weather to just sit in the sun and be outside. There were so many families there and it was so cute to see little, tiny kids climbing up waterfalls.

My jump.png
my jump for the day


sitting on a waterfall.png

Next we headed back to the house for some naps and showers, got ready and went out to a nice restaurant on Lake George and had really good burgers and drinks.

On our last day we started our morning off with parasailing on Lake George which was so fun. It was my first time doing it and it was a very relaxing experience. We got breakfast at this really cute 1940s themed restaurant afterwards. The wait was super long but the waffles were so worth it. We took a stroll around for awhile followed by more naps and then we got ready for the family reunion. The house was absolutely beautiful where the reunion was and everyone in my boyfriend’s family is so nice to be around. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for three hours before we made the trip home. Between the pouring rain and the crazy traffic it took us 6 hours to get home. It was absolutely terrible but we got back safely and that’s what’s truly important. And then it was time to face reality and prepare for work the next day.

All I wanted to do was take a bath with a bath bomb and sleep in my own bed so Monday night I cleaned my entire room, took a bath, did a face mask and watched housewives. The perfect way to refresh after a weekend in the wilderness 😉

I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have to travel. I didn’t grow up traveling and it was something I really wanted for myself as an adult. We had such an amazing time in Lake George and even though I had my moments where I didn’t want to be in the wilderness anymore I’m so thankful I went and I can’t wait for next year. I hope you all enjoyed this post. Comment below and let me know what your upcoming travel plans are. I know mine are prettttty exciting. Cheers to new adventures!

-XO Amber