Embrace the Struggle

Hi guys!

It’s October! And a new month brings new inspiration and new challenges. Lately, I’ve been struggling A LOT. Struggling with where I am in my career, in my life, my financial situation, my inconsistency with fitness, and so many others.

Going through a time of struggle is completely normal and is to be expected in this life. I’m finally coming to place in my own life where I’m learning to embrace it, so today I thought I would share some steps to embrace your own struggle.

1.) Learn to let go // There is so much that is out of our control. And whether you believe your path has already been laid out for you by a higher being, or you think your life is entirely dictated by free-will, it doesn’t change the fact that you are not always in the driver’s seat. The first step in any tough situation is letting go of what you cannot control and letting go of how you think your life or current situation should be. Sometimes when we try to force things that aren’t meant for us, we actually make life harder.

2.) Clear your head // The next step is to clear your head. This is perfect to do this time of year, especially if you live somewhere where you can admire the fall foliage. I recommend walking with no music or audio-books so that you can really take in your surroundings, and just listen to the thoughts that are coming in and out of your head. Once you’ve had time to filter through your thoughts, you’ll most likely have a better idea of what you really want in life.

3.) Figure out what’s working and what isn’t // Next, you want to use your new mental clarity to really think about the current issues you have in your life. You want to take a logical approach to this and not make decisions based on emotions. What steps are you taking to get out of this struggle you’re going through? What’s working? What isn’t working? Once you know this, you can move on to taking real steps to hopefully change your situation. A great book that goes into this further is Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

4.) Take real action // Although some things are out of our control, the good news is that there are some things we have the power to change. Figure out what those things are and take action TODAY. If your struggle is your current job, maybe you can update your LinkedIn page. If it’s your health or fitness, maybe you can schedule a workout with a friend. Taking action will help to alleviate some of the unease you may be feeling because you’ll feel like you’re taking an active role in making your situation better.

5.) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself // Small steps are just as important and beneficial as the big ones. Take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes we have to accept that we can’t give 110% to our goals all the time. You’re a human and there are going to be situations that just take time. If you’re doing your best, you’re doing more than enough. Don’t stop enjoying your life just because of a certain situation in your life.

6.) Learn from your experience and mistakes // Our past can be our best teacher. Sometimes we’re stuck in situations because we have something to learn. Try to understand why you’re in this current situation and figure out what you can learn from it so that you don’t make the same mistake again. I believe that sometimes we get stuck in situations because there is a bigger lesson we’re supposed to learn. The sooner we learn it, the sooner we can move on.

Embrace the struggle (or the rain) // image via Pinterest

I hope this post helps some of you cope with your struggles. Remember, we are all struggling in some way but this too shall pass.

Embrace every day.


Farewell Sweet Summer: 5 Things I Learned in Summer 2017

The end of summer is always so bittersweet. The sun begins to shift its position in the sky and familiar shadows start to change. The temperature at night becomes cool and crisp. Acorns start to fall one by one. And of course for many there is that dreaded, excited feeling we call “back to school”.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the food, the holidays, and the coziness of it all. I also love the feeling of transition it brings. This transitional pull I feel in Autumn always inspires me to make necessary changes in my life in order to become the happier, healthier, better version of myself.

To become better in the future, I have to reflect on what I’ve learned this past season. So without further ado here are some things I’ve learned this past summer.

Be confident // Summer 2017 started off with a bang when I got a new job. Because of the type of environment I work in, there is a lot of pressure to make zero mistakes. Being a human and not a robot makes this experience very stressful and at times overwhelming. Of course I’m going to make mistakes! The first month was really difficult for me and I experienced a drop in my confidence. At my last job I had run an entire customer service department by myself, and now as an assistant I was being made to feel like I was dumb or not good enough. At some point after talking to close friends and family, I realized that other people’s perceptions of me do not matter. I learned that having confidence in myself actually makes me a better employee. I started going into work everyday determined to do my best even in the face of adversity. After I let go of caring what people thought of me and my abilities, I became more sure of myself and my talents. This allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and actually do a better job in the long-run. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities. Other people’s perceptions of you do not define you.

Social anxiety sucks // Yes, that’s right. Positive Patty over here is saying something sucks. Up until recently I was in complete denial that I even had social anxiety, and once I admitted it to myself it almost seemed like it had gotten worse. This summer truly challenged my social anxiety in more ways than one and made me realize what an issue it is. Being an introvert that values alone time is one thing but feeling knots in your stomach, or not being able to follow through with plans because of it, is when it really starts to affect your life. This summer I had some strong moments where I pushed through, and other times where I simply couldn’t do it. I have to say that the times I pushed through turned out great. I had a great time and felt good about myself. The times where I made excuses felt good in the moment but crappy later on. Social anxiety is something I’m more aware of now, and something I’m very determined to work on in a healthy, manageable way.

Get into nature as much as possible // This summer I started taking walks three times a week at a local trail, and I realized getting into nature makes me really happy. I also learned that walking has been proven to be the only physical activity which actually lowers cortisol levels (that pesky stress hormone). Getting outside makes you feel grounded, clears your head and allows you to remember that you and your problems are much smaller than this big world. And no matter how much we feel the world is ending, the sun will still rise every morning and set every evening. Life will go on.

Accept your body for what it is // At some point or another we all have to accept our bodies for what they are. Getting healthy and being fit are great and I think having goals for your body (as long as they’re realistic) is perfectly fine. But don’t let your current unhappiness with your body ruin a good time or an experience. This summer I had many moments (like I do every summer) where I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and I let it affect how much I enjoyed certain summer activities, like jet-skiing, because I was too worried about what I looked like. Don’t let insecurities that are probably not even noticeable to anyone else get you down. Your body is doing some pretty amazing things to keep you alive and thriving at all times. And it will continue to do so whether you have stretch marks or not. Appreciate your body for all that it is instead of hating it for what’s it’s not.

Accept your family for who they are and cherish them// My family is large and mostly female. These are women with strong opinions and very different personalities. My oldest sister, Nikki came to visit for a week this summer from Denver and even though the house was chaos when we were all together, it brought such a feeling of comfort to have all four sisters together. We also threw a big family party and it made me realize what an eclectic mix of people I have in my life. I was never sheltered as a kid, and I was raised around many different walks of life. I gained such an appreciation for every single person that day because it made me realize why I’m such an open-minded person. Love and cherish your family for all the crazy, wonderful people that they are.

Well that’s it. Summer is coming to its end and to be honest I’m struggling with where my life is right now. But I’m an optimist and life is moving in a new direction. My experiences both good and bad will now be lessons learned. I’m excited for what’s to come (and it’s not just because of fuzzy sock season). I hope you all had an amazing summer and I would love to know what you’ve learned down below.

As always thank you for reading. Farewell sweet Summer!


How to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

For a long time I knew Apple Cider Vinegar was good for me but I didn’t know how to incorporate it into my diet. If you’ve ever opened a bottle of ACV you will know the smell is….HORRIBLE. The smell of vinegar is so overwhelming and I could never figure out how to get this stuff into my body.

If you don’t know the benefits of ACV you can research and find so many articles. Not only is it a natural antibiotic but it also contains powerful polyphenols, helps you to burn fat and is great for both digestion and immunity. The list of benefits honestly goes on and on.

I finally figured out a simple way to incorporate it into my diet and I wanted to share it with you all.

You will need:

12-16 oz of water

1-2 tsps Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)

1 slice of citrus fruit (I prefer orange)

Pinch of ginger (optional)

Pinch of turmeric (optional)

1.) Take your citrus slice and squeeze it into a cup or water bottle.

2.) Fill your water bottle and add your turmeric and ginger.

The citrus and the spices add a certain amount of tangy flavor that really helps to compliment the ACV. The combination of these ingredients tastes really delicious and refreshing. It’s the perfect way to start your morning as well.

Let me know if you guys enjoy posts like these. Nutrition was my major in college and it is an interest of mine so I would be happy to do more nutrition/food related posts.

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!


6 Ways to be Happier Today

It’s Monday. The perfect day to talk about happiness.

I used to be the type of person who thought happiness was hard to come by. I was sort of an angsty teen and I always felt like my anxiety was going to make being happy really hard for me. Once I got out of that stage, went away to school and became the person I am today, I realized it’s not hard once you get the hang of it.

Happiness is something I feel like I’ve mastered. Both my outlook on life and my reactions to negative situations help me maintain a pretty steady level of happy. For example, on Thursday I backed my beloved car into a parked car at my friend’s house. A simple lack in judgement and absence of caution caused a major annoyance and stab to my pride that I definitely did not want to deal with. After it was over and done with my friend said, “Wow, you handled that really well.” And I replied with, “What other choice do I have?” No one was hurt, the damage was minor, the other person was extremely nice about it, and it happens to people all the time. Why let a great day be ruined by one mistake?

This kind of thing does take some time and some practice to master so I thought I would provide some easy tips to start feeling happier TODAY. I hope you all enjoy and find these useful.

Gratitude // This is so important! Wake up in the morning and think about what you’re grateful for. Go to bed at night and think about it again. Think about it in the shower too if you want. Everything from the most simple (sunlight, flowers) to the more materialistic (house, car) can be included. If you want to be successful and if you want to be happy you have to think about the amazing things you already have first. You’ll be amazed at how much this changes your life.

Nature // There are proven benefits that nature has to offer and sometimes all you need is to literally put your feet on the ground to feel “grounded”. Nature has a calming effect and can really put things into perspective. Realizing the sun will still rise and set tomorrow no matter what happens today will make you think about your problems a little differently.

Self-care // This includes many things: exercise, eating right, adequate water intake and good quality sleep. Some say the gut is the second brain in that what we eat can have serious effects on our mental state. When you’re taking care of your health, life suddenly becomes easier to manage. If you can take on your health you can take on anything.

Journaling // Journaling is a great way to release the “brain gunk” that may be floating around in your subconscious. Sometimes we don’t realize what is effecting us and journaling for 15 minutes can be a great way to get those emotions out in a safe, helpful way. It’s also really interesting to look back on.

Visualization // Or as I like to call it, imagination. I personally have always had a great imagination and I’m very good at visualizing. This is a great way to start off your morning. Take a few minutes and visualize what your life will be like tomorrow, a year from now, five years from now and so on. It’s actually really fun and you can literally imagine anything you want. Delve into your wildest dreams and really feel yourself being in the place you want to be in.

Planning // Make plans with your family or friends or even just schedule time within the week where you’ll do some kind of activity. Going shopping, going to the beach, or going out to dinner are all great options. When you have something to look forward to it makes life that much sweeter.

I hope this post helps you to achieve a happier tomorrow. I want you all to know that happiness is achievable! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of work and some lifestyle changes.

If you want to see more posts on happiness feel free to let me know in the comments below and if you want to get to know me a bit better feel free to follow me on my social media sites.


Friday Favorites

Here we are again. How is it Friday already?

This week was exhausting but I definitely found some things I’m loving that I want to share. Enjoy!

Wilmer Valderrama Interview // One of my favorite podcasts is called The School of Greatness and is hosted by Lewis Howes. This week he interviewed Wilmer Valderrama and the interview was truly one of my favorites. His life experience, advice, and outlook on life is nothing short of inspiring. The major take-away for me was to believe I can do anything I put my mind to, while also realizing I don’t need to rush to accomplish everything at one time. The best part? Lewis replied to my comment on Youtube!

Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Almond Brittle // Yet another dairy-free flavor I’m loving. Crunchy almonds and sweet caramel mixed into creamy goodness. The perfect snack to eat after work in the sun.

Veggetti // Disregard the peculiar name. This spiralizer is only $10 at Bed, Bath and Beyond and turns zucchini into low carb pasta. I was genuinely amazed when I started using it and there are so many things you can make with zucchini noodles. I ended up trying out this amazing recipe for zucchini noodles with avocado pesto and shrimp, and it was amazing.

image via Pinterest

Witch Hazel Toner // I seem to always get lost in the skincare section at Target. This week I picked up this Witch Hazel Toner in the lavender scent and I have been loving it. I use it in the evening after I wash my face and before I moisturize. It picks up anything your face wash may have missed and gives your face such a clean, refreshed feeling. It also helps bring moisture into your face so you can achieve glowing skin.

image via Target

Google Partners // As someone who is very interested in digital marketing this was an amazing discovery for me. Google Partners offers free certification in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. If this is something you’re interested in or if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing I suggest checking it out. Just another certification to add to your resume. Just search Google Partners and click “Join Now”.

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites this week. Let me know your favorites down below!


Top Travel Sites for Cheap Trips

Traveling is something that always has been and always will be very important to me. So many people ask how I travel and afford to take so many trips. But traveling cheaply is now easier than ever with the internet.

When I went to college, I knew I was going to make traveling a priority but because I was on a tight budget, I had to find a way to make it work without breaking the bank. These are the top sites I’ve used for cheap trips. I hope some of you find these useful in planning your next getaway!

Skyscanner // This is an app I keep on my phone. It’s convenient and easy to use so I like browsing through flights whenever I have free time (like when I’m in the waiting room at the doctor or getting an oil change). My favorite thing about this one, is that it has a very simple layout and it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also excellent at finding some of the best flight deals!

Momondo // I used Momondo to book a flight to Spain and had a great experience. The site does redirect you to another site once you check out which can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the site it takes you to, but I still had a good experience. I ended up getting a flight for $500 a person for my sister and I from Newark to Madrid! A deal like that can’t be beat. I’ve found the best prices for international flights on this site.

Temple of Debod
Royal Palace of Madrid

Thrifty Traveler // I haven’t actually booked through this site but I’ve heard great things. It’s fun to scroll through and see all the random deals they have. This is a great site if you’re looking to book a random trip somewhere and the deals are out of this world!

Cheap Caribbean // I’ve used this site many times to book all inclusive trips and I’ve always had a positive experience. The site makes it really easy to bundle flight and hotel together. You can browse through honest reviews on resorts and pick the trip that’s right for you. You can even book transportation to and from the airport and excursions right on the site. I’ve found amazing deals and its great for finding spring break trips if you’re in college.

Cancun, Mexico
Me after ziplining into a cave in Mexico’s underground river system

Traveling is a priceless experience in my opinion and if it’s important to you, you can find ways to save up and find some great deals.

If you know of any great travel sites let me know down below!

Happy traveling!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I woke up this morning with a mean stomach bug after a long week. Although I’m feeling so sick, I knew I wanted to get up a post because blogging makes me happy, and because I feel we should choose to focus on the positives in life. I hope your Friday is going better than mine is and I hope you enjoy this post!

Tennis // I’m trying to incorporate different types of exercise into my routine on my cardio days. I’m having my boyfriend teach me how to play and it’s a great way to work up a sweat without even thinking about it. I’ve only played once so far (and I’m not very good) but I want to continue and hopefully get better over time.

Kettlebell Kitchen // We order these meals at work and they’re super convenient and healthy. Perfectly portioned meals for a person on the go. Kettlebell is only available in certain areas of the country but any kind of healthy meal service will work. And you can always recreate your own version at home like I did with this recipe for paleo chicken nuggets.

Kettlebell Paleo Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries

NASA hat // This hat is just too funny and cute. I love the sarcasm of it and it fits my personality so well. Perfect for anyone who values their personal space. I like baseball hats for the beach and I like how this one is slightly distressed. I bought it in blue but looking back I would have purchased a different color. I didn’t realize how similar the color of the writing would be to the hat. Still cute regardless and adjustable.

image via WISH.com

Game of Thrones // It’s back! And WOW, what an opening. I won’t spoil it for you but if you haven’t started watching I highly recommend it. Trust me. It’s GOOD.

Skipping foundation // In the summer I like wearing more minimal makeup. Because of this, I switch from a liquid foundation to a BB cream in the summer. I’ve been using the Garnier one for years but for some reason this year, it was causing me to break out really badly. I still like wearing it for even, light coverage and I like the added benefit of SPF especially for the beach but I think wearing it all day at work was too much for my oil-prone skin. I’ve since switched to using concealer and then setting it with a translucent powder. Add bronzer and blush and you have the perfect, summer, fresh-faced look.

I hope you all enjoyed this post even though it’s short.

I want you all to have the happiest, most amazing weekend.

Until next time.